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As a former member of the U18 & U23 Canada Men’s National Team, Dallas Kipfer, Owner and CEO of D.K Softball is passionate about developing athletes to reach their goals and beyond. 


Traveling the world has given him the opportunity to develop, learn and grow as an athlete and skills-development coach to provide in-depth knowledge for clients, athletes, partners, clinics and workshops at D.K Softball. 


His philosophy is to help his athletes by giving them the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves. By understanding the process while tracking progress, it’s inevitable that improvement will take place. 


Being a skills development coach for over 6 years, Dallas has not only taught athletes proper form and sharpened their skills to perform at a peak level - but has secured partnerships with national companies such as Rawlings Canada.

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D.K Family Summer 2023 summary



National Championship appearances


  • utm 2k7 (8th)

  • Jana want - d1 nationals u17 (2nd)

  • Holly Wardel - Waterloo Ghosts u15 (5th)

  • Clover Lecompte, Callie Strohack & Madi Preston - UTM Bandits (2nd)

  • Mikayla Doucette - d1 Nationals u19 (2nd)

  • Marissa Flemming - Guelph Gators u15 (6th)

  • Libby Churchill, Emma Porter d1 Nationals u15 (8th)

medal count







1 national bronze medals

1 provincial bronze  medalist

4 national silver medals

2 provincial silver medalist

3 provincial championships

5 USA tournament wins

Top 5 Batting Averages

1. Jana Want - .485
2. Georgia Willsie .451
3. Pyper Morley .425
4. Sierra Roy .415
5. Marissa felmming .401

Top 5 in strike outs

1. Cassidy dollard - 270
2. marissa flemming- 224
2. Nora Riso - 224
3. Hazel Kilpatrick - 209
5. BREANA BLUM - 150

Jeff Shantz, parent
"Truthfully I was bringing Ella in for one session, but that changed 10 minutes in when you started teaching me things. You have brought her so far with her hitting. You can see how much more comfortable she is in the box, her average is up and battles every at bat. Also she has become a starting infielder on her team because of the time you have spent with her. You have turned her into a complete ball player with your agility drills as well. So in closing we will see you weekly for another off season and Thanks for everything you have done for Ella."

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